‘The Sisters Brothers’ with actor Joaquin Phoenix to be shot in June in Almeria

23/04/2017 | By

Filming due to start in June 2017 in Spain.

It is not ruled out that in the month of April there are two days of casting in Almería and another in Tabernas
The film is directed by Jacques Audiard Joaquin Phoenix will star in the movie ‘Les Frères Sisters’ to be shot in Almeria, Huesca and Zaragoza.

Almería will host in June the filming of a French superproduction whose title is Les Frères Sisters, a film directed by Jacques Audiard and which will initially feature in the cast with actors Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal and John C. Reilly.

In principle everything indicates that a casting could take place for the figuration in April in the capital of Almería and another one in Tabernas. At the moment it is not known the place of the casting nor the physical characteristics of the aspirants for this great French superproduction.

At the moment there is little information on this film, although if it is known that apart from Almeria have been chosen locations in Huesca and Zaragoza for filming. It must also mean that there will be a large number of people from Almeria as logistical support as well as professionals for filming.

The action of the film is located in Oregon in the year 1851. The brothers Eli and Charli formidable duo of professional assassins with completely opposite characters but with sinister reputation, are directed towards Sacramento (California) with the objective of putting itself behind the orders of its Contractor ‘Commodore’, for the search of a ‘gold finder’ named Hermann Kermit Warm.

As Charlie gallops unscrupulously toward crime, Eli continues to question the disadvantages of the brotherhood and the relevance of the nefarious activity in which both engage in unusual encounters of struggles and with all sorts of sinister people who haunt the environment of ‘fever Of the gold of the United States’.

It is a jubilant work where black humor competes with subtle eccentricity. Patrick De Witt, author of the book on which the film is based, pays tribute to the classic unconventional westerns while inviting the reader to explore the darkness under the guidance of two unforgettable brothers not only related by blood and violence But by the great unyielding love that they profess in silence.

This shoot adds to three other projects that will reach the province after Holy Week, which indicates that 2017 will be an intense year of filming in Almería. At the moment in a few days, it is expected to know more details of the shooting of the French film, as well as the casting dates and profiles of the aspirants to work as a figuration in Les Frères Sisters.

This year is very positive from the point of view of shootings in this province. Soon other recordings will be announced in Almería, which will leave much wealth in the province.