TIFF Press Conference & Step Brothers??!!

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Joaquin did not attend The Master Press Conference as anticipated however he did answer questions outside and gave us a rather bizarre reply to his what  his favourite film is…… USA Today caught up with him……

The Master, which got its big screening in Toronto last night, lived up to its name by winning two of the Venice Film Festival’s top prizes. Philip Seymour Hoffman, who plays a charismatic cult leader, was on hand to collect his best actor award — shared with co-star Joaquin Phoenix– as well as the best director trophy given to Paul Thomas Anderson.

Even though he barely said a word at his Venice press conference, an upbeat Phoenix happily chatted with select media outlets in Toronto today. One might think that the two-time Oscar nominee, 37, might be more drawn to serious art-house fare given the nature of his current film that opens in limited release Friday.

But he actually most enjoys popcorn movies, proclaiming he is no cinefile and would be lucky if he could name one Fellini film. Indeed, Phoenix’s all-time favorite turns out to be one of 2008’s lewdest, crudest and rudest comedies.

“In all honesty, do I want to say some really cool, obscure black-and-white movie?” Yes, I do,” he say. “What movie have I’ve seen more than any other movie? Step Brothers. The extended unrated version. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are (bleeping) great. Everybody is actually great in that movie. Every single part. It’s the movie that has saved my relationship time and time again.”

How so? As a way to diffuse any conflicts, he explains. “There are just so many lines in the movie that my girlfriend uses on me and I just start to laugh.” To add further proof, Phoenix proudly shares the portrait of Reilly and Ferrell that graces his phone. Do we sense a man-crush? “I’m in love with those guys.”

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