10 Loved Celebrities of the Manly Kind!

12/10/2013 | By

In this busy Lunchbox charity, Her and The Immigrant week……Could we really fit another subject in?? Yes, always!  Sneaking this one in from earlier this year is Joaquin at number 10…….hopefully that means the top! He is our top vegan of course……well actually, he tops all of our lists!

Some new names in the list though for a change…..he’s in good company too, with Jared Leto!

Shame about the old picture and spelling of his name wrong at the end…..but we’ll forgive them….!

The Vegan Woman

10. Joaquin Phoenix

Sealing off our list of vegan celebrity men is none other than the A-list actor Joaquin Phoenix, star of the recent award-winning film The Master, and a true vegan inspiration. He is the narrator of Earthlings, the chilling 2005 documentary on the various forms of animal exploitation by human kind. Most of his family members are also vegan. He has been vegan since he was only three years old, after going on an especially traumatic fishing trip. Phoenix states that animal rights is a part of his everyday life, and finds it extremely important to set an example for the people around him. That’s my kind of man!