In the past few years of doing pay per click campaigns, digital advertisers had been too obsessed about getting clicks and making sure their CPCs were at their lowest as possible. Although these elements are important, PPC campaigns are not just about the clicks. In fact, you need to focus your attention to what comes next – the landing page.

Your landing page is the next step to close a deal, which is why you need to ensure that it is optimize to achieve the goal that you are aiming. Google Optimize can give you good pointers and help you in improving your PPC campaigns:

  • Segment your market

The segmentation of the target audience usually happens during the setup of the campaign. But it is also important that you do a market segmentation during and post campaign. This step is necessary, especially if you are targeting old customers to do another purchase or action. With Google Optimize, a digital agency will be able to do market segmentation to separate old site visitors who made a purchase and those who did not. Real-time segmentation of returning users can be done by using different discount codes from the same URL.

  • Streamline your landing page

At times, the reasons why users do not complete the sales funnel is because there are too much elements on the landing page. Aside from using a page heat map to identify what part of the pages are usually being used and maximized by the site visitors, you can also use Google Optimize to see which elements should be eliminated to maximize conversion. This is important for site users who are using their mobile devices for purchasing good online. You need to find the right balance between the design and the information.

  • Exact-matched your landing page

If you need a more in-depth data on your PPC campaigns, Google Optimize can help you to measure the number of site visitors who clicked the link using the exact-match phrases. Tailor landing pages to exact keywords and phrases and know whether you will go with contextual phrases or precise keywords.

  • Enable valuable actions

Sometimes, digital marketers run campaign solely for purchase. But there are a lot of actions that you can set on your page aside from the buying option. You can convince users to either subscribe to your newsletters, get notifications or download your brochures. Google Optimize can help you do just that.