Putting a proper maintenance schedule in place is extremely important irrespective of whether you have just purchased your car or have owned it for several years already. What you need to bear in mind is the fact that there are a number of things that need to be given due consideration in terms of the maintenance of your vehicle. To ensure that your vehicle keeps running, it is vital for you to stay on top of its mechanical maintenance. But apart from that, it is also important for you to pay due attention to its outer appearance. There are many different methods that you can try out in this regard through a luxury car service in Dubai. Let us take a look at a few of them:

Car polishing
A proper session focused on car polish in Dubai is one of the best means of restoring your car’s paint. If anything, it can assist in resolving a number of issues. This includes problems pertaining to water spots, scratches, swirl marks, etching and stone chips. As long as the chips and scratches are surface marks, you can rest assured that polishing your vehicle can restore its appearance. However, simply polishing your car will not help even a bit if you are dealing with deep penetrating marks.

The best part about polishing your car is that it adds a bit of a protective layer onto your vehicle when done properly. a clean and smooth surface is extremely hard to stick to, which means that it will help you avoid dirt and grime related issues.  This means that you are sure to find it easier to clean your car.

Waxing is not a harsh cleaning method at all and does not require the utilization of abrasive compounds that tend to impact the car paint. However, to minimize your chances of dealing with chips, scratches and contaminants in the air, it is vital for you to ensure the application of a top quality protective layer. The best part is that waxing your vehicle will play a significant role in helping you maintain the overall appearance of your vehicle.


On the whole, it is extremely important for you to take a number of steps in order to ensure that your car’s overall appearance is maintained at all times. Out of all these steps, two that truly stand out in this regard are polishing and waxing, so make sure that you invest in them over time.