It is one of those things that sound easy but when you start looking for one, you realize just how difficult it can be to find one. We are talking about the best nursery schools in Dubai,  but we don’t know where and how to find them. That’s what you will be discussing here. As we know that nursery schools are important and can be the building blocks of education, learning and the first place where your children will learn to communicate and befriend with other children. They’ll learn to respect teachers and elders and will also learn the true value of shared learning. So far, they’ve only had one type of learning and that was what they had learned from parents, elders in the family and perhaps elder siblings. Remember, your child is like a blank whiteboard so you need to be very careful on what you write on it. Whatever will be written there will likely become a permanent memory. You can compare it with computer cpu. Here is more on this:

Child Is Like A CPU

We know that every computer has at least two different types of memories; temporary and permanent. The temporary memory is call Read Only Memory (ROM). Here, the data is permanently stored inside a chip and integrated in the motherboard of your computer. The best example of this is the BIOS you see at the time you boot up the system. Depending upon the stored data, the basic input output system (BIOS) shows all necessary information about the system.

The other type of memory is called Random Access Memory (RAM).  It is much bigger in size and contains gigabytes, or even terabytes of data. It occupies a lot of data and space, most of which is often empty until you install into it something. The RAM is the real deal, and all the information you see written on it is shown on the monitor. Remember, it is called random access memory for a reason – you can retrieve the information from system resources at any given time. There are no restrictions on the quantity and type of data you store. Just make sure the space is available in the system. Coming back to child, their memories are often very much like a combination of both i.e. random access as well as read only memory. They’ll learn everything you tell them and will likely employ it at some stage in life. Keeping this in mind is very important as it will lead you towards choosing the right nursery or nursery in jumeirah village circle for your child.