The simple fact is that solid surface is an invention by humans that came around by utilizing various materials that nature blessed us with. As the name suggests, the key characteristic of this material is that it is solid throughout its thickness. Solid surface manufacturers create it using the particles or resin of polyester, acrylic, marble and bauxite. The name solid surface comes from the fact that the material is solid throughout its thickness.


Benefits that you should know of

A few of the most major reasons behind the popularity of solid surface products are their durability, easy cleaning, strength and non-absorbent nature. Solid surface products come in a variety of shapes and designs as it can be easily molded. Moreover, these are very low maintenance products and can be fixed and repaired easily by a professional fabricator.


You will find solid surface products in countless colors, shapes, designs and patterns. Another benefit of solid surface products is that you will find them as a replacement to many expensive materials such as granite, marble and wood grain.


Solid surface products are not only temperature tolerant, but due to their non-absorbent nature, these remain prevented against stains and harmful bacteria which helps you a great deal, especially when using in your kitchen.


These days, you will find the use of solid surface material in a number of products for various different purposes especially in kitchen and bathroom equipment. More and more people are shifting towards solid surface products as they are much cheaper alternative to the granite and marble products. Moreover, these products are solid throughout their thickness, which is why they handle more pressure against heavy usage.


If truth be told, solid surface products are not limited to kitchen and bathroom anymore. You will find a wide range of solid surface mantels, windows, countertops and table tops in the market these days.

This is why you will find solid surface items everywhere. These items are being used in offices, restaurants, hospitals, colleges and in many other commercial and industrial sectors for various different purposes such as counters, desks, tables and much more.


With the rising demand for solid surface products, more and more manufacturers are entering the industry. This is not only helping in fulfilling the need for solid surface products but also forcing these companies to come up with new ideas and uses of solid surface material. You can also look here to know more about solid surface products and their benefits.