A psychiatrist is a professional who treats a wide range of mental health issues like addiction, trauma, and other mental illnesses. The psychiatrist will almost always have to go in-depth with the person’s reaction, behavior, thought to process, and overall persona to make an accurate enough diagnosis and more importantly plan a treatment. This in-depth analysis requires substantial skill and knowledge and this is why the physiatrists will have to through an extensive training and educational program so that they will have enough knowledge about their field of study. Psychiatrists in Dubai have to go through 12 years of education and practice to finally qualify for their position in psychology. In many different countries, the educational criteria and the criteria for licensing are much different than in others, which is why most aspiring psychiatrists will be baffled as to how and where they should star acquiring their education and how long would it take to finally complete their degree. Here are a few steps that they have to take to get their psychiatry degree:

Complete your Bachelor’s degree

The first step is to get your bachelor’s degree, since you want to apply for psychology it is beneficial for you to apply in a medical field, a bio subject, physical sciences or psychology are a good option. To apply in a medical program against the tough and competitive competition you must make sure that you apply in a program that offers an impressive list of courses. So for psychology, you will probably be studying courses like Developmental psychology, statistics, Biopsychology.

Complete an MD or DO program:

Once you have secured a position in the medical school you must be studying any one of the two degrees, whether it is a Doctor of medicine or Doctor of osteopathic medicine program. After a 4 to 5 years tenure you can expect to complete this degree after which you may participate in research programs or continue.

Complete a residency:

Once students have completed their education, they will start specialized training under the supervision of a professional psychiatrist, Students will complete 3-8 years of this training during which they will further perfect their skills.

Get Licensed and Board certified:

After having completed your education and training you will be required to take a state-organized exam that will prove if you are ready for the practice. After you pass this exam you will be granted your license and certification.

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