When people come to Dubai for vacations they hardly get proper guidance about the routes. They think that the only way they can reach to any other destination is to rent a car or tax service. Well, the most convenient and pocket friendly service for you is the bus service.

No matter wherever you want to go next, be it Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah or any other city, Buses are available for you and you can easily reach your destination.

From Dubai to Abu Dhabi

If you next destination is Abu Dhabi then you can easily go there by bus. Visit the official website and select the departure time. Mostly to reach Abu Dhabi, buses leave the main station in between 6:20am or 9:40pm. If it’s a holiday in Dubai then you will see the more frequent departures.

Once you are done, buy a ticket online, if you don’t wish to buy a ticket only then you can reach to Dubai’s central Al Ghubaiba, tickets are available there.

Once you depart from Dubai, you will reach Abu Dhabi within two hours. There is a condition, if buses fill up really quickly, they may leave early. You don’t need to sweat out in summers because buses are fully air-conditioned. Even the seats are very comfortable. It’s better to travel in bus rather than hiring a cab service

One thing you can’t miss!

There is one thing you can’t miss on! Do carry the identification along with your rest of the stuff. If you have a work visa or a visitor visa for U.A.E then it is applicable in Abu Dhabi as well.

Travel easily from Dubai to Fujairah

If you are willing to take your steps towards Fujairah then it isn’t so difficult. You can avail the bus service. Every hour, bus E700 takes its step from Dubai towards Fujairah. This bus is equipped with all the things, needed to make your journey comfortable. It has leather seats which makes your journey comfortable.

The journey takes almost 2 hours but it also depends on the road traffic. If there is traffic jam then your journey can exceed to an hour as well. In between the travelling, you will see beautiful Mountain range which will be really pleasing to your eye and you will say that it’s worth travelling by bus.